Monday, February 13, 2006

Hittin' the road and the "Cyborg"

We're heading out of town this week (leaving Thursday morning) for five days - driving down to Oklahoma to see my in-laws and all of Ava's cousins. :) It's been a looooong time since she's seen her cousins - uh, since Thanksgiving 2004! - so it will be lots of fun for her I'm sure, especially now that she can walk and run with the best of them.

We haven't attempted a driving trip this long (10 hours without stops) since that long ago (Thanksgiving '04) as well and I hope and pray this trip is easier than that one was. I am optimistic that it will be since a) Ava is facing forwards in her carseat now and b) we can read books and play games and be a lot more interactive with her than we could when she was only 5 months old.

Also, the last time we made that trip we ran into a HORRIBLE snow/ice storm on our way home which slowed us down considerably and made for some white-knuckle driving for Jody. Light snow is expected during our traveling days this time as well, but hopefully it will only be light snow and nothing more.

A friend of Jody's will be dog-sitting (yay!) so we don't have to pay an arm and a leg to board the critters.

In other news, we had a pretty nice weekend. I felt much better as the day progressed on Friday after my morning from hell and even made up a sesame tofu dish for Jody's birthday dinner, as well as made brownies. I didn't write down what I put into the sesame tofu, but if I recreate it again I will be sure and jot it down. It was quite tasty.

On Saturday, went to a pizza place for Jody's birthday meal out. We were going to pick up a cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory on the way home, but decided against it since I made brownies the day before. Will have to save the cheesecake for another day. Then we spent some time hanging out with our friends.

While we were at the pizza place, the manager brought out a garbage bag full of toys for Ava to pick one. She pulled out a plush Cyborg doll from Teen Titans whom she calls "man." He looks like this, only as a plush "doll." Jody thought that was pretty cool that she got something other than a dog or a bear and, while I thought it was weird at first, I have to agree. It's nice to have some diversity in her toys. I would never pick out a cyborg for her myself, but I'm glad she's got one now. He already seems to be one of Ava's favorites - rivaled only by "baby." :)

The rest of the weekend was spent working a fair amount on my new photography website for my business. I still have more to do (including bulk up my portfolio), but it's coming along really nicely, thanks largely to Jody's help. Hooray for tech savvy hubbies.


At 2/14/2006 12:26 AM, Blogger Blog writer said...

i am back :) sorry cudnt log on much in da past... :)

At 2/14/2006 8:11 AM, Anonymous Laura said...

My 18 month old love Cyborg. His sisters always play Teen Titans and they relagate that role to him and he loves it. LOL

Have a good time while you're gone!

At 2/14/2006 9:20 AM, Anonymous Miriam said...

Yay for vacation time! I think it's so cute that Ava picked that weird cyborg dude. heh

The dish below looks delicious. Anything with artichokes is delicious!

At 2/14/2006 3:58 PM, Blogger Julie said...

Enjoy your vacation, Amy!

We're hoping to move to the Denver area in the next few months. I keep thinking of you for taking our next family portrait. :) Plus, it would be fun to meet IRL!

At 2/14/2006 4:12 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

bw - welcome back. hope everything is going ok. :)

laura - i didn't even know who cyborg was until a cpl days ago. lol.
thanks :)

miriam - sometimes i think vacations can be more trouble than they are worth. it's always the mommy who has to pack and make sure everything is in order before we can leave. but i'm sure we will have a good time and it will be nice to get away for a few days.

julie - thanks! i didn't realize you were relocating. that's exciting. email me if you need any info.
and yes, it would be fun to meet and do your pics as well.

At 2/14/2006 10:26 PM, Blogger Tiffiny said...

Have a fun trip! I'll miss your bloggin!

At 2/14/2006 11:01 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

hey tiff - thank you. i just might sneak a blog or two in while i'm away. we'll see. :)


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