Thursday, August 10, 2006

Give me a break

I just read that the Transportation Safety Administration is, as of today, prohibiting all liquids from carry-on luggage.

"The TSA issued the directive early Thursday following the arrests in the United Kingdom of several people suspected of plotting to blow up aircraft flying from the UK to the United States. The TSA has raised the national alert level to orange, indicating its belief that some sort of threat against U.S. aviation still exists.
The directive states that liquids or gels – including beverages, shampoo, suntan lotion, creams, toothpaste, hair gel and similar items – will not be allowed through screening checkpoints. Concessionaires on the concourses can still sell such items, but have been instructed to tell passengers that the items cannot be taken aboard a plane."

This is particularly maddening to me sine we are flying on Saturday. So are they going to deny me, a pregnant woman who needs to drink at least 64 oz. of water a day, water on the plane? And what about babies that aren't breastfed? Are they going to deny them formula*? I understand the need for security, but sometimes I think things are taken a bit too damn far.

Jody seems to think I could take an empty water bottle through security and fill it up from a drinking fountain once we are through. That is, provided they don't confiscate my bottle. Who knows what the protocol is for empty containers. Oy.

Anyway, I'm just sitting here saying to myself - "what the hell?"

I don't think we are going to Jody's work picnic at the reservoir today. I was having some abdominal discomfort yesterday and have been feeling a bit woozy today (I have a call into my midwife), and Ava had a fever last night, so I think we'd better just stay home and rest up for our trip (and the long wait through security). ;oP

**EDITED**: Perhaps I need to edit this post to include that there's definitely more to this than just my being inconvenienced. OBVIOUSLY, I want everyone to be safe, but I think the way the government instigates these new procedures and protocols reactionarily (is that a word?) isn't really the best way to handle things. It's hard to take the threat levels and increased precautions seriously when the government/media is constantly trying to cram FUD (Fear - Uncertainty - Doubt) down our throats. It only takes one time of watching the evening news or a look through the news headlines to see how much FUD is out there. So sure I'm pissed that I can't take my own water through security, but (as with most of the things I post about), there is a LARGER issue here.

*After hearing something on the news about breast milk and formula being allowed, I found this on the Department of Homeland Security's website:
"The only exceptions are baby formula, breast milk, or juice if a baby or small child is traveling; prescription medicine with a name that matches the passenger’s ticket; and insulin and essential other non-prescription medicines."


At 8/10/2006 2:54 PM, Anonymous xstitch3067 said...

Hey Ame~ I know it is frustrating to hear of this recent news. In fact, I thought of you guys travelling when I heard about this! Just this afternoon on the news, though they did say that they ARE allowing baby bottles for little ones. At least that's SOME comfort, but I would think they'd HAVE to provide you with water at least while you're on the plane. YEESH! What next??

At 8/10/2006 3:00 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

xstitch - Hi Aunt Nancy. :)
That is *some* comfort that they aren't completely mad, but I still think the whole thing is being taken too far (as per usual). What's next is right. **shaking head**

At 8/10/2006 3:17 PM, Blogger Nelly said...

I haven't heard ALL of the facts and info about todays arrests/findings and such, but I do think they are doing what they need to do. They said they found deadly gases/liquids that these people were carrying and these planes were scheduled to enter the U.S. and these people had the intent to use them to kill people. Why would this make people mad that they ban liquids? I'm sure you could bring an empty container to put water in and they obviously can't take formula away from a mother for feeding a baby (let's be real). Pretty much any other liquid, i.e. shampoo and other liquid essentials can be bought once you arrive to your destination. Although I agree that this is a pain in the ass, but hello! It's either be a little inconvenienced or have your plane blown up. I think we can be inconvenienced.

At 8/10/2006 3:21 PM, Blogger Nelly said...

I was incorrect in the above comment...they didn't find anything deadly but these people were plotting to carry on these deadly things onto planes in the next few days. Kinda scary if you ask me. Better safe than dead...ya know?

At 8/10/2006 3:57 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

I guess I figured when they said:
"Due to the nature of the threat revealed by this investigation, we are prohibiting any liquids, including beverages, hair gels, and lotions from being carried on the airplane," a Department of Homeland Security statement said. - that they really mean ALL liquids. I didn't see an exception list anywhere on, so I had no reason to assume that exceptions would be made.

At 8/10/2006 11:20 PM, Blogger edgeofnormal said...

I don't know about your airport, but my airport sells water once you get past security. You should be able to buy some water then.

Thankfully, your "formula" can be manufactured on the plane. ;-)

At 8/11/2006 12:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Folks, you can put your shampoo, etc. in your checked baggage. I am also betting that NO electronic stuff be allowed, IE, laptops, games, cell phones. This is a "pain in the ass", but I'd rather be alive after a couple hour plane flight.

At 8/11/2006 9:06 AM, Blogger Amy said...

I do believe the US over reacts when things like this happens. It lets the terrorists get the better of us when we run around like Chicken Little, even if their plot failed, which it did. Flights from the UK to the US should have banned liquids, etc. and that's it.

I imagine a future where passengers won't be allowed ANY carry on baggage.

I too need to drink a lot of water on a plane and always carry my own bottle. If Homeland Security are requiring passengers to throw out water bottles, then they should provide free bottles of water at the gate for compensation.

I hope your journey goes smoothly.

At 8/11/2006 12:56 PM, Blogger Caroline said...

Yep, thank the terrorists for this one. Annoying as all get out, I agree. But I guess I'd rather be thirsty than dead. Even so, reactive rather than proactive is definitely the key issue here. Bleh.

At 8/12/2006 1:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amy, me thinks that all the flights I have been on serve cokes and WATER for free on the flights. I agree, doubt a terroist would be flying from CO to MI, however, I guess they need to standarize their rules.

I do hope you have a safe and enjoyable vacation:)

Amy, I do not carry on much any way because of the hassle. Usually a camera and a few drugs as asprin and Imodium AD.

At 8/12/2006 8:30 PM, Blogger KleoPatra said...

*sigh* The world just gets sadder... living in fear like we have to more and more really sucks!

I'm traveling next week and i'm rolling my eyes already at the warnings i've been asked to heed.

At 8/18/2006 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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