Wednesday, August 02, 2006

World Breastfeeding Week : Aug. 1-7

Just a quick post (for now)...
I don't know how I nearly overlooked it, but this week - Aug. 1-7 - is World Breastfeeding Week.

Thanks to Mama C-ta for bringing WBW to my attention with this post about "Vogue magazine proudly showing model Angela Lindvall even more proudly (and quite fashionably) breastfeeding her 14 month old son." Props to Vogue!! :)

Also, how cool is this? The Celebrity Baby Blog Breastfeeding Gallery - "We present to you these beautiful images of our readers breastfeeding their children. We hope that if you are a breastfeeding mother, it will empower you, if you are someone who has not been exposed to breastfeeding that you will be inspired, and that if you are someone who doesn't understand breastfeeding that you will open your mind." I haven't submitted any pics myself yet, but I very well may if I can find the time to dig some up or maybe I'll take some new ones. :)

Happy World Breastfeeding Week!


At 8/03/2006 9:46 AM, Anonymous Mama C-ta said...

Aw, thanks. Funny when I posted it I didn't even realize it was BF week either!

I just received a comment in response to it too that I wasn't too crazy about. But should be expected I suppose :(

At 8/03/2006 10:10 AM, Anonymous leigh said...

Amy - thanks for the reminder about WBW and all the links!

At 8/04/2006 8:52 AM, Blogger Amy said...

That's really too bad, Mama C-ta.
:( I also wish I could celebrate this year but baby has weaned already. I stand in full support though! Bravo for the Vogue model making a visual statement as well.

At 8/06/2006 9:36 AM, Blogger Tiffers said...

I actually stopped in to spread some warm fuzzies (don't know what the heck that means....check out my blog entry for today) but I had to comment on this!
Hopefully Baby Z will decide to grace us with her presence BEFORE tomorrow and we can celebrate WBW (I don't think she understands that I WANT HER OUTTA THERE) but even if she doesn't, I will be breastfeeding #9 (and last) the same way I did with #1 almost 16 years time sure flies when you're raising children!


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