Thursday, April 06, 2006

Excited about my new cookbooks

I've felt like I've been stuck in a rut lately as far as cooking is concerned. Sure, I come up with a few new interesting things to make here and there, but it takes time and thought, both of which I don't feel like I have a lot of lately. I feel like I need more direction. While it's fun for me to invent new recipes, lately I'd rather just flip open a book, find something with the ingredients I have, and go at it. Which is why I'm so excited about two new cookbooks I recently ordered off Amazon. :)

The first is "Moosewood Restaurant Cooks at Home: Fast and Easy Recipes for Any Day" which I found used for $5.72. Here's a bit about it:
"The Moosewood Collective has had big vegetarian cookbook success with other collections. The main aim of this addition to their list is to offer much-needed help to those who need recipes for speedy preparation. Most take less than 30 minutes preparation. Recipes include stir-fries, salads, sandwiches, bean dips, soups, scones, pancakes and desserts. Almost all are vegan, with dairy products offered only as optional extras, though there is a separate section on fish and eggs. Winner of the 1995 James Beard Award for vegetarian cookbooks."
It comes widely reviewed and recommended and I've heard only good things about the Moosewood collection as a whole. I'm especially interested in the recipes that don't take long to prepare. ;)

The second book I got is "The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook: Whole Foods To Nourish Pregnant And Breastfeeding Women - And Their Families" which I found used for $14.24. This book comes highly recommended as well. A bit about it:
“The Vegetarian Mother's Cookbook is a cookbook especially designed to nourish vegetarian pregnant and lactating women, though the delicious meals are also excellent for serving one's whole family. Over 300 vegetarian and vegan recipes with nutrient analysis (vitamins and minerals as well as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and sodim) along with vegan recipes, "quick fix" meals and freezable entrees, wheat-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and egg-free options," and more.
The reviews all seem to indicate that this cookbook will be very useful to the whole family beyond pregnancy and lactation and I'm looking forward to it.

I already checked the mail today and no books yet, but hopefully they will be here by the weekend so I can check them out and get cookin'. :)


At 4/06/2006 9:57 PM, Blogger Tiffiny said...

Let us know if you get any good recipes out of these. :)

At 4/07/2006 10:09 AM, Blogger Harmonia said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting on my book post!

I recently borrowed one of the Moosewood Cookbooks from the Library...not sure which one but made a bunch of copies from it. I have another one on hold for $10 at a used book store.

It's also has Sunday in the title.

I have been thinking about the Vegetarian Mother Cookbook. I don't have kids but let me know if you would suggest it for a 1-person veg family (hubs is omni)

At 4/07/2006 10:39 AM, Blogger halloweenlover said...

Oooh oooh oooh, PLEASE do a review! I have the regular (I think the first one) Moosewood and I like it, but it often comes up with these recipes that require random ingredients I don't carry in the house. I also ordered the Vegetarian Pregnancy to read in advance, and it doesn't have any recipes unfortunately, so I'd be interested in the second one too! They sound great!

At 4/08/2006 6:48 AM, Blogger Michelle said...

i have cathe olson's book.. the Veg Mother's Cookbook, and i love it! all the recipes are so healthy and most are pretty easy to prepare. everything i've made out of it has come out great! plus, if you go on's discussion boards (we have a monthly Veg Living thread there!), you can "talk" to cathe herself if you have any questions about her recipes.

At 4/10/2006 12:18 PM, Blogger jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Have fun with the new books! I should get a new book myself..

At 4/18/2006 12:53 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

sorry to be so slow in responding to these comments.

i will post recipes that i find particularly good. :) and i will try to write a review once i have gotten thru more of the book. i've only tried about 4 recipes so far, but they've all been tasty - just some are quite time-consuming to prepare.



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