Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hair (before & after) and almost 23 weeks' belly

I had a couple requests for pics from my recent haircut this weekend, so here ya go!

This one is a "before" shot - I actually just cropped my head out of a family pic taken at Ava's birthday party almost a month ago. It's not totally recent, but it gives you a good idea that my hair was getting long-ish and was really in need of a trim at the very least.

This is a side view of the new hair. I didn't style it at all today, just let it air dry. That's my kind of hairstyle though - wash and go.

Here's a front view with it tucked behind my ears, which is how it usually ends up. ;)

I think it's a pretty decent cut, especially for just going to *cough, cough* Great Clips. I had been going to this awesome Aveda salon for my last several haircuts, but at nearly $50 a pop, it is just too expensive. And because it was so expensive, I hadn't been in for a cut in ...hmmm...I can't even remember how long! If I keep my style request pretty basic, they seem to do an OK job at Great Clips for $17 (including tip). So what if I had to cut off a small chunk of long hair myself when I got home? ;) At least I saved some money. hehe. Although I do miss the scalp and neck massage I got at the Aveda salon. Oooh yeah, that alone is almost worth paying the $50.

I think the shorter hair makes my face look thinner too. Which is kind of odd because I know I've gained like 5 lbs. in the last month so, in theory, it should look heavier. I'm not complaining!

Lastly, here's a belly pic I took today. I'm 1 day shy of 23 weeks. :)


At 7/19/2006 7:16 PM, Blogger Mom2Cass said...

Beautiful baby belly! You look great.

Cass 3/7/04 & Noah 5/6/06

At 7/20/2006 6:20 AM, Blogger Ninotchka said...

You look FABULOUS! That belly is just gorgeous. :)

I do love the Aveda scalp and neck massages. Yum. Haven't had one in forever. Tried to get in yesterday but they were booked. I don't even need a haircut, really, just thought some pampering would be nice. lol

At 7/20/2006 9:24 AM, Blogger pryncess said...

You look sooooo cute! I wish i could pull of a short wash-n-go cut. Lucky you!

At 7/20/2006 9:36 AM, Blogger Amy said...

Looks really nice! I'm sure it's a welcome cooler style in the heat you're experiencing.

Nice belly shot too. Do you find that you're showing earlier in this pregnancy than your first? I've heard that women in subsequent pregnancies 'pop' earlier.

At 7/20/2006 10:44 AM, Blogger Isil S. said...

you look beautiful!I wonder when my belly will pop out ;)

At 7/20/2006 11:15 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

mama2cass- thank you :)

nino- thank you. :) hope you can sneak away for some pampering soon.

pryncess - aww, thanks. :)

amy - yes, it's sooo much cooler now and i don't have to worry about pulling my hair up. i don't really think i'm showing much earlier in this pregnancy than the last. i'd have to compare pics from the two to really tell though. i've heard it is common to "pop" earlier with subsequent pregnancies too.

isil - thanks! i bet you have a little ways to go til you "pop." ;) will you be sharing pics on your blog? btw, is that a new pic of you? you look great!

At 7/21/2006 8:34 AM, Blogger halloweenlover said...

You look beautiful! So we're only 5 weeks apart, then, because I am 18 weeks this weekend! And I'm feeling a bit sad because my belly is hardly showing according to everyone else! I feel huge, but I've been told that I'm crazy.

I want a big belly!

At 7/21/2006 6:07 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

HL - thank you. :)
i know what you mean. i feel huge too and i've had several ppl tell me my belly is tiny. i'm like "WHAT??" i know it will really be huge soon enough though.
i can't wait for you to start feeling your lil one moving around. that's such a fun time. :)

At 7/21/2006 8:18 PM, Blogger KleoPatra said...

You beautiful girl!!!

Love the hair, love the belly!

At 7/22/2006 7:51 AM, Blogger Isil S. said...

Amy,thank you. This photo was taken 2 months ago. I may post belly pictures when it gets bigger ;)

At 7/23/2006 11:05 AM, Blogger EatPeacePlease said...

I like your haircut and your bigger baby belly. That was funny the part about cutting off a long piece of hair at home!

At 7/23/2006 2:33 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

Kleopatra - You are so sweet. :)

EatPeacePlease - Thank you. Yes, it's always fun to find some long hairs they missed (not sure how!) from the haircut. ;)

At 7/24/2006 4:59 PM, Blogger jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Gorgeous, Amy! It seems to really suit you.

At 7/24/2006 5:35 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

Thanks, Jess :)


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