Saturday, March 11, 2006

A slew of baby disco pictures

We went to the "Baby Loves Disco" party this afternoon and had a good time. Ava wasn't as enthused about dancing among the masses as we thought she would be (it was a little overwhelming), but she still enjoyed herself.

Her favorite activity (only barely beating out playing with balloons) was going up and down the couple sets of stairs between levels. At one point during her stair stepping escapades, she got out of Jody's view. He chased after her, but got stuck behind some slow-moving toddlers and parents and she disappeared around a corner. Neither of us could find her for about three minutes. That might not seem like a long time, but that's the first time she's ever been "lost" like that and those three minutes felt like an eternity. What a scary feeling! I was glad she was wearing that bright green dress (which was my sister's when she was little), because I was able to spot her without too much trouble on the dance floor. She was unharmed and had even managed to find a ball to play with in those three minutes. It took me a minute to recover from losing her - my eyes welled up with tears as I hugged her tightly afterwards. That was more than enough excitement for me.

We took several pictures (there are even some with me in them if you can believe it! I asked Jody to take the camera and have at it). I tried to do several without the flash and the ISO bumped way up, but, as dark as it was, there was no way I could get a fast enough shutter speed to avoid motion blur. So I had to settle for using my flash. My new outlook on using my flash is - better to preserve the memory and use the flash (and settle for the unnatural lighting, horrible shadows and dots in eyes, red eyes, etc.), than not to use the flash and have a picture that sucks.

Without further ado, here are more disco pictures than you could ever want. ;) (Click on them to see them larger.)

The dance party as seen from the balcony (the only pic I'm posting where I didn't use the flash):

Dancing with daddy:

On the dancefloor, taking it all in:

Starting to get into it:

Looking out over the balcony:

Climbing on the chairs in the balcony:

Doing a little dancing:

Cheesing it up with mommy. (Jody says I look manic in this pic...nice.):

Watching all the dancers:

Being escorted down the stairs by daddy:

Oooh, a balloon:

Watching daddy get another balloon:

So pretty:

Oooh, and there it goes!:


At 3/12/2006 8:16 AM, Anonymous Dawn said...

I'm glad you found her quickly, I had a moment like that once with my oldest and I'll never forget the feeling :( My eyes teared up reading!

The pictures look great! I love the one of her watching daddy get another balloon, its beautiful :)

And I don't think you look like a maniac!

So, worth the $? I'm still considering the April show, heh. Were there older kids there too? Wondering if I'd need a sitter :)

At 3/12/2006 8:41 AM, Blogger Nelly said...

Looks crowded! Sounds like it was fun...besides the 3 minutes little Ava decided to go on an adventure! Must have been scary. I haven't dealt with that with either kid yet! (knocking on wood)

At 3/12/2006 2:12 PM, Blogger Rowan said...

It sounds like for the most part, you had a very nice time. Sorry about the missing child moments. Those are so scary.
I think your thoughts on flashes are sound. Sometimes the shot is more important than the artistry of it...sometimes.

At 3/12/2006 6:57 PM, Blogger Ninotchka said...

Elle really liked the one of you holding her. She was like "turn it to the girl with her mommy holding her!" :)

How scary to lose her like that. UGH. I hate those moments. We've had a few and I always fear the worst.

At 3/12/2006 7:26 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

Dawn - Thanks :)
Not sure it's worth the money unless your kid is really into dancing. We had a good time, but it would've been nice if it had been slightly less expensive.

Nelly - Yep, it was sold out, so pretty crowded. Hope you never have to experience one of those lost child moments.

Rowan - Thanks. That's what I was thinking too. I was so obsessed w/ the technicalities and artistry that I was letting special moments slip by. I think this is a better balance.

Ninotchka - Aww, thank you and Elle. :) Glad she liked that pic.

At 3/12/2006 7:28 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

Dawn - Forgot to say, there were some older kids there, but probably the oldest (that I remember seeing) was 5 or 6-ish. I doubt it would be a big deal if your kids went but you might want to chk on it first to see if there are "rules" against school-aged kids attending. Just in case.

At 3/13/2006 8:52 AM, Blogger Harmonia said...

Haven't seen you in a while...hope all is well! These pictures are great! I love the color she is wearing too! I always love to see lil ones dance! It's so fun!

At 3/15/2006 7:42 PM, Blogger Sara said...

Your daughter is really cute. How old is she again? Mine is 3 yrs and almost 3 mo and she looks a little bit younger than mine.

At 3/15/2006 10:52 PM, Blogger amygeekgrl said...

Harmonia - Yeah, I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like lately. Life sometimes gets in the way. ;) Thank you though. :)

Sara - Thanks. :) She's almost 21 months.


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