Friday, October 20, 2006

Birth photographer

I forgot to mention that last Friday I found a photographer to come and photograph baby boy's birth! I'm very excited about her and feel she will be perfect for what I'm looking for.

She's had two homebirths of her own (her youngest child is 6 months younger than Ava), has been doing photography for 20 years and has experience photographing other births. She said one of the highest compliments she can be paid (while shooting weddings, etc.) is being told "we didn't even know you were there," which I think will be perfect for a birth. She shoots with available light whenever possible (so there won't be an annoying flash going off all the time), has long lenses so she can stand back and still capture everything, and does beautiful work. :) And, she's agreed to give me a high resolution CD of the images (after she edits them) so I will be able to have my own prints made, make the images into a slideshow, or whatever I wish. I'm VERY happy about that. :)

I think she will do a wonderful job of capturing the emotion and overall documenting the event. Yay!! My only concern is knowing when the right time in my labor is to call her and have her come over. I guess it'd be better to call her too early than too late!


Our big plans for the weekend include cleaning the house for our midwife home visit on Monday. And maybe we'll try to sneak something fun in as well. :) Oh, and I really want to try to get some maternity pictures taken of myself, as well as with Jody and Ava, so I'll be working on that too.


At 10/20/2006 6:54 PM, Blogger Penny said...

great that you've found someone :)

At 10/21/2006 12:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had been wondering if you found someone. Glad it is a lady, too. Good luck, Amy!


At 10/21/2006 9:00 PM, Anonymous you da mom said...

good for you. my mother in law videotaped my labor and i could really strangle her for the less than wonderful job! professional is the way to go! wow, i can only imagine what the photos will be like, it gives me chills! good luck and the best to you and your family.


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