Sunday, August 07, 2005

World Breastfeeding Week comes to a close

I was feeling a bit down on myself yesterday for not doing anything to support World Breastfeeding Week. Our local LLL chapters held a walk and picnic yesterday morning but I just didn't feel motivated to go.

After having such a crazy weekend a week ago (with Ava being in the hospital), I didn't feel much like going to any organized events. I just wanted to spend time chilling with my family (which I realize I could've done at the walk/picnic, but blah, I just didn't feel like going).

Instead the fam and I decided to go to the last day of our county fair. We went to the pancake breakfast* supporting the local Optimist chapter and then watched some dog sheep-herding trials. After that we walked around and looked at the animals and exhibits and went in a little petting zoo. Ava enjoyed petting the goats, sheep, cow, horse and pigs for a little while and then was perfectly content to pick up pieces of hay and hand them to mama while the animals hustled around her flocking to the kids who's parents purchased baggies of feed. :) Sigh. She's such a sweet girl.

Anyway, I'm getting sidetracked. My big concern was not going to the walk and then I didn't even nurse in public at the fair. What kind of lactivist am I anyway? (I would have nursed her if she would've asked [she signs "milk please" really well now - super cute], but she was too busy with the animals - pardon me - the hay, to care.)

Then I remembered that a mama on MotheringDotCommune recently asked for pictures of mamas nursing their babes for a WBW display she was assembling and I had sent her two pictures of me and Ava. She posted the finished product the other day and it turned out really nice! I believe it was supposed to be on display at a health fair at her mall, but then she was turned down because her display was about breastfeeding. (WHAT??!) So then she took the display to Walmart instead where she handed out a bunch of literature from LLL regarding breastfeeding and also received some local media coverage.
I drew the arrows on the display to the pictures of me and Ava. :) We're famous. ;)

I'm glad I got to be a part of her breastfeeding display and feel like I helped spread the word in some small way.

I also realized that just because last week was World Breastfeeding Week doesn't mean that was my only chance to do something to promote breastfeeding. We all need to continue to raise awareness on a daily basis and I can do my part little by little. :)

*I've apparently been typing the word "breast" far too often lately. ;) (Wait, is that possible?? hehe.) Every time I try to type another word that begins with "brea" like "breakfast" or "bread" (before this I was writing an email asking some friends if they had any good zucchini bread recipes), it comes out as "breast." LOL :) Mmmmm, pancake breastfast and zucchini breast.


At 8/07/2005 10:27 PM, Blogger Beckie said...

I didn't do anything either, not for lack of trying, my LLL group never responded to requests for information. I am going to a Babies U Us thingy on Saturday, but I am sure it will be a morning spent seeing all the things I don't need to buy to breastfeed, LOL! I need to work on my baby registery anyways ;)

At 8/11/2005 12:29 AM, Anonymous Ginger said...

I didnt do anything either, and I hate to say it, but it IS for lack of trying. Been so busy with work lately I havent really taken time for anything "extra". Shame on me.


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